So, I got a bass guitar for Christmas two years ago. I love it, I play it all the time. However someone asked me what model it was specifically. I felt really stupid, cause I don't know. I figured I'd come here and show this forum to see if any of you know.

I have no idea what the "A" stands for. I had thought for the longest time it was a Fender Jazz Bass cause I saw bass on wikipedia that looked virtually identical to mine.


I appreciate any input you might have as I can't seem to figure out what kind of Bass this is or what company made it.
it's probably just a jazz bass copy made by some company named "A"
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im not sure but look up jazz bass copys and you might find it. Btw that bass looks very nice, very elegant looking, reminds me of a wedding hall for some reason lol
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its a beautiful instrument.
i have no idea what "A" stands for either.
Maybe it was a custom job someone did&it was bought&given to you second hand.
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Agile maybe? Their A kind of looks like that, although I've only seen guitars made by them.
Quick google search turned up a talkbass thread on kinda the same topic.

Kind of the same. Idk.

Heres the link to the thread.

Hope that helps.
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Weird... We get these "mystery brand bass" threads from time to time. Most of the time, they're either an obscure company that went under a long time ago, a generic no name store brand or occasionally someones homemade "custom instrument." But this is a real stumper. It looks new, so we can rule out the 1st choice. And it looks nice, too nice to be generic, and WAY too nice to be homemade. It might be a Warmoth or something similar. What's the tone like (as in quality, I already know what a Jazz sounds like)? If it sounds good or great, its either a Warmoth assemble-at-home type thing or even a custom.

I don't think its an Aims, the A isn't similar enough IMO. Do you know if it was new or used, and how much it cost?
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Well, I'm no expert on the quality of guitars. I haven't had any problem with the Bass. It sounds good, certainly far better then some of the cheap guitars or basses that I have played with.

And I've looked all over the guitar for a serial number or a "Made in". All I have to go on is the A.

Someone told me the A looks similar to "Aria" guitars, but I searched every Aria related thing I could find, and I could not find a Bass that looked even remotely similar to the one I have.

My only guess is that it's either a knockoff Fender Jazz Bass, or it is a Fender Jazz Bass with a custom headstock or custom signature on the headstock in place of the usual "Fender" signature.