Ive tried writing songs but ill only get so far before i cant think of what to write about so can someone help me out / give me some ideas?
Write about ANYTHING. Whatever is on your mind. Look outside. See a beautiful tree? Write about it. Watch a movie about impoverished children in india? Write about it. Think back to past experiences or moments that changed your life, and use those emotions to write.

You can literally write about anything. Nobody can tell you what to write about. That's the beauty of it. Writing is one of the few things in the world where there are NO rules whatsoever.

Edit: The tips sticky at the top of this forum has a good section on inspiration that you might wanna read through. In fact, you might wanna read the whole thing..It's really helpful.
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i usually only write lyrics when i am directly inspired by something. i might already have the instrumental stuff written, but i'll wait til something inspires me.
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write about your orgasm.
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try writing a story about something and then write a song about it or read a book
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i'm half way through writing a song about someone who is a very good friend of mine. Just take something simple, and put a spin on it.
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Sex, drugs, and rock and roll man, haha, thats really payed off for aerosmith and many bands of the 70s. But if those dont really float your boat, just write about whats on your mind. **** dude, anything really, see a pretty chick, write about her, do you have conspiracy theories about the government, write about it, *hey man the man's after us..* lol, take a sad song and make it better, change the mood of things, look into different perspectives of people, think about Nirvanas "Polly" for example, they wrote it in the eyes of a rapist, *i know, odd* but it was great, you know. You can assume different feelings of different people, or your own generation, writing doesnt necessarily have to be just what you yourself feel, you can write about what many people go through. Cheers man!