Hello fellow guitar enthusiasts.

I'm new here and aside from a few small alterations I have never customised a guitar before although i have a custom tele built by a freind and so i have a basic understanding.

I am thinking of building a mustang/duo sonic style guitar, I am waiting for the body to come in the post, its an old duo sonic body, not sure which wood, 90's body if anyone knows what they were making them of back then? I'm going to buy the neck aswell as making one is too much effort for me really (although id love to once i have a better understanding) but I don't want the shortscale mustang style neck, so im thinking strat, jazzmaster etc? Any reccomendations? Also would using a different scale neck require me to change the position of the bridge?

After that I'm gonna buy a mustang pickgaurd and seperate control plate as I think it looks better to the one piece duo sonic pickgaurds, but im not sure that I want the mustang blend controls or watever they are . so I'll probably just have one tone nob one volume nob and a three way selector switch, I also can't decide what pickups to get, I dont really want to re route the body and cut up the pickgaurd so if I have humbuckers theyll be sigle coil sized ones, I'm a fan of seymour duncan pickups and ive been looking at 'cool rails', 'hot rails' and various others, I play mostly 'alternative' rock, heavy rock and some more pickky slower stuff too, any reccomendations? I'd also be up for having one sigle coil one humbucker too, what do you guys think?

I also don't want a trem of any kind on this guitar, just a hard tail, not sure what kind?? ... but I'm afraid this might cause a cosmetic issue in that the tremelo on a mustang has that metal plate which gives it that look, what to do here?

I'm not sure what colour to finish it in yet or anything like that.

I would really appriciate some advice and opinions on any of the above , or anything extra that you think I might find usefull, and if this build all goes ahead I shall post updates and pictures for any of you that are interested

Thanks for reading.
"In modern music, a lot of people are really stuck on the example, asif it were the idea. It takes millions of examples to articulate an idea, so don't get stuck on the f*cking example." - Joshua Homme, 2008.
If you get a different scale neck, then yes you will have to move the bridge to match that scale. Having the bridge in the right position is critical to getting the guitar tuned and intonated correctly. For an idea of how to get rid of the tremolo and install a hardtail, check out the conversion I did here from a trem to hardtail - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgO8i3FOD7U&feature=channel_page
Yeah, I thought so, although this will mean that its going to mess up all the pickgaurd positionings and what not

Thanks for the reply and video, any reccomendations as to which type of hardtail bridge i should use?
"In modern music, a lot of people are really stuck on the example, asif it were the idea. It takes millions of examples to articulate an idea, so don't get stuck on the f*cking example." - Joshua Homme, 2008.
What scale is the mustang anyways? I'd recommend staying away from a tune-o-matic bridge because you'll either need to recess the bridge or angle the neck. Something like I used in the video is a good choice. The also make top loading hardtail bridges that don't require you to run the string through the body, but i don't like those.
Right. Matt has already mentioned the bridge moving issue and covered the problems surrounding it.

With regards to the trem/hardtail thing, duo sonics are hard tails (well the ones I've seen are) so I'd go for a strat hardtail style bridge- with 6 adjustable saddles. These mightn't be vintage correct but are much more available. You'd have to cover the holes from where the old bridge was aswell as drilling holes for the new bridge.

For pickups, I'd be tempted to recommend a red/blue lace sensor combination. The ones in my strat can handle the music styles you said and look similar to mustang pickups (with no pole pieces showing). However, I'd recommend listening to the first to see if you like the tone. When I get my strat back tommorow, I'll make a video showing the tones you can get (if you can wait).

Neck wise, jazzmaster necks are like strat necks with the big CBS style headstocks. You could get away with any strat neck, aslong as the neck will fit in the neck pocket of the duo sonic. Warmoth is a place that everybody recommends for pre done necks but I personally like musikraft and their stuff. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=950183 This is a thread I made with pics of my musikraft neck. You can see the quality and it plays great. However, warmoth and Musikraft are both fairly expensive. If you want a cheaper pre done neck check ebay although the quality may not be as reliable.
Cheers guys, the body that I'm getting originally had a 22.75 scale neck, i could try and get a matching neck although i have quite big hands and ive played short scales before and not liked them very much, but i suppose you'd get used to it. However it'll be much easier to get hold of a strat neck so ill probably do that.

That neck in your link supergerbil, is very nice, looks really well made, but both musickraft and warmoth are Amercan companies, I live in England and i don't wanna get stung buy customs tax. So I'll probably go for ebay.

Being silly , I forgot that this body is hard tail and so does have a completely different bridge to a mustang, it's just that cosmetically im going for mustang (seperate control plate/pickguard) rather than duo sonic, but i would guess mutang pickguards are smaller because of the more space that the trem takes up, so I'm kinda stuck there .

With the bridge I'll probably go for the hardtail strat type thanks.

With pickups, I kinda want humbuckers and single coils, so I don't know weather to put a humbucker in the bridge and sigle in the neck, or to do both sigle sized humbuckers and do a coil tap? How easy is that to do?... but either way they will probably be some kind of seymour duncans.

"In modern music, a lot of people are really stuck on the example, asif it were the idea. It takes millions of examples to articulate an idea, so don't get stuck on the f*cking example." - Joshua Homme, 2008.