Well I have Danelectro DC-59 a rather new one. well I actually bought it new a few years back and it suffered an accident where a nice and heavy Gibson LP fell on it in a car accident. And well i was able to track down the cool seal patterned pick guard however i cannot find another set of the stacked pots for it. and the knobs for them. I have found websites that carry them but all of them say simply this....no longer available. I cant seem to have any luck!! even Ebay failed me lol. anyone know where these can be found? thats all i need to rewire this bad boy and get it back to playing status :-D gotta love the playability of this guitar, and as much as i love my pimped out LP nothin beats the feel the Danelectro has.
Well i have looked for new ones, the double stacked ones are like merely nonexistent lol. but i can continue my search and perhaps contact danelectro. this guitar has been around for like 40 some years now, one would think there would be a supply of repair parts somewhere.
yea dude, they are really have a real fast feel to them, and the fact that they are very proprietary semi-hollow body light weight material guitar they have an extremely unique sound. plus they look like a newborn Rickenbacker lol just a baby rick but they sound so sweet