Schecter are really hit and miss.I got lucky when I scored my hell raiser I havent been able to find one that sounds as nice as it does yet.If you dead set on getting a Schecter go play a bunch of them.Guitar Center has them.Find the one in your range that you like than snatch it up.
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what's wrong with schecter? im planning on getting a hellraiser c1 or blackjack ATX.

any problems with them?
I never found Schecter to be hit or miss. They´re pretty consistent. No problems with them really, it is just whether you like how they play or not.
Schecters are more and more popular every day because of their prize and quality.
just pickups on hellraiser costs 1/3 of the prize in my country. Grover tunes on 2008 models are perfect. You cant miss but if you dont like the neck or the sound choose something else dont just pick the first guitar or brand with good hardware...

I love my hellraiser c1!!!
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