ive been looking into compressors, and my budget is about $125, but maybe $150 if necessary. i know that if im gonna get one, i mite as well get a good one. what would be my best option in terms of sound quality and/or excess noise when the effect is turned up? i've been looking at the mxr dyna comp, the boss one, and the soul preacher by electro harmonix just cause thats whats been available to me to try out. thanks for any help.
The Analogman CompROSSor would pretty much destroy all of them, but compressors aren't really my area of expertise.
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have you tried the boss at all? thats what ive been leaning toward, but im just trying to figure out all my options
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best out of the three would be the dynacomp. worst is the soul preacher. hate the way the soul preacher colours your tone.

go dynacomp!

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What about RO Tiree retro comp?
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