Well I somewhat understand that... pull-offs are done by lifting off your finger after picking a string with a finger on a fret lower than it.. to get to that note.

But, when I lift my finger, my pull-offs are barely audible. Is it more than lifting your finger? Or is it something else?
you sometimes have to "flick" the string when you pull off
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Gotta kinda ...when you lift your finger up, do so in a way that it plays the string as well. The way I do it is press down really hard, and pull the finger off going down and away. I dunno how better to explain it though
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yeah u flick in a way...more like a quick bend and at the end u let go...like u dont lift ur finger off upwards...more like downwards.
I think of it as if you are plucking the string with your finger as you pull off. Best way to do this is to hold down the first note, then keep the pressure on it as you pull your finger down on the fretboard, as if you are bending the note but you are actually releasing the string, get it? You don't want to lift your finger straight off of the fretboard, but move to the side to make sure the string keeps vibrating, and be quick about it!

I find it is easiest to do with your index finger and ring finger, so you might want to practice with those.
Ah I see now, thanks guys

I can hear it much better now

But the thing is:
When I play songs like.... hmm, The Kill, when I play the second verse part with the pulling off, when I try to "flick" it and pull off the ways you guys mentioned, my finger more "slides" off the string than "flicks" it, and when it does that, the sound doesn't come out.

Normally before, I picked all the notes instead of the doing the pull offs.
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Hmm, I understand what you mean but am not certain about the cause.

It is worth mentioning that you should hold down the note with the tips of your finger, I could see it sounding more like 'sliding' than 'pulling' because you are using the bottom of your finger instead of the fingertips. Not really sure.

But there is definitely an advantage to pulling instead of picking notes, since once you get into crazy solos pulling will allow you to reach speeds you would not usually be capable of.
Alright thank you!!

I think I'm getting it, but as I am not too used to it I'm gonna have to practice, because like you said... It will def. be necessary for achieving higher speeds.
I'll bump this thread as im going to ask a similar question when doing pull offs my understanding is it isnt a reverse hammer off as in ur not pulling your finger directly off the fretboard but your sliding/brushing your finger across the string as if your pulling your finger towards the next string would this be correct?

As on the acoustic i was simply pulling my finger directly off the fretboard and getting minimal noise.