alrighty im not one to make threads like this but i thought, hell i'll give it a shot.

most people have a trash can in their room. so whats in it thats clearly visible!?

my trash can currently has a can of mountain dew with a smiley face sharpied on it, a box from a Conair Switchcut (clippers :p), and a picture of a toucan from a coloring book.

whats in YOURS!!!
Mt Dew. Game Fuel bottle, Poptart box and a condom wrapper

EDIT: Epic thread!!!!


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Some strings, sandpaper, a paper plate, a package for new strings, a gatorade bottle and some paper.
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there are no words to describe how truly epic this is.

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2 empty bottles of Lipton pureleaf iced tea and some smatterings of old gum.
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Can't tell what much is, but from what I can see, some tissues, some sort of food wrappers and other junk.
old tabs, strings, and some plastic bags
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im drunk idc

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Empty lotion bottle,
used tissues,

That sort of thing.
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your sarcasam amuses me

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Jelly beans.

i hope you know i read that post in johnny bravo's voice.
Go Veg.
i dont have a trash in my room
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Have no use for them.

hey dont throw those away! im too poor to buy any so mail them to me!

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34 sample sized packets of lube and a playgirl magazine

Sounds like you had fun

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hey dont throw those away! im too poor to buy any so mail them to me!


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A bunch of tootsie roll wrappers.
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^ a winner we have.
This thread reminds me of an archaeology class I took last fall. We had to record everything in our trash can and hand it in to the professor. He then took all of the papers and randomly distributed them to the class. We had to write 2 pages about what was in the person's garbage and what we could learn about their life and the society they lived in based on what was in their trash.
three empty boxes of zebra cakes, two old sets of guitar strings, klondike bar wrapper, other candy wrappers.
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Your post was the only bright spot in this disgusting piece of thread.

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a bunch of empty snuff cans, old guitar strings, guitar string packages, nutty bar wrappers, paper towels, 1 lightbulb, one of those boxes that at one point in time had a large slice of gas station pizza.