I'm happy with mine, so I put a finished version up.
Good luck everyone.


Not mixed for RSE. Make sure you listen in MIDI.
Also - the last 2 bars in the chorus would be an overdub with a guitar in Dropped A#, to get the low chord. I accidently forgot to change the label though, so ignore the fact it says Dropped B.
Carl6661 PostHardcore.zip
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
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Mixed for RSE, though I think it sounds fine during MIDI.

I haven't written a "TFOT" song in so long, so I hope I didn't do too many blatant rip offs
(I have a bunch of songs in this category that are much better, but obviously I can't use them because they were posted months ago hah. I wrote the intro like five minutes before I saw the thread and though, "wow, I have to finish this song." I think I way too rushed it, but I wanted to finish it, so yeah)
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As finished as it's going to get. I think I may have shot myself in the foot genre-wise with a couple of my decisions like the chorus and interlude/outro bits. Either way though, I think it's not bad for my first time writing in a new genre that I almost never actually listen to, and it gave me a good excuse to play around with some fun chord ideas.

JUDGES Make sure you open the correct file, as both the midi and RSE are mixed differently, and listening to midi in the RSE mix will just sound plain bad. I'd also really appreciate if you could listen to the RSE mix at least once.
phc comp icronic.zip
Here we are.

I *WE* shall speak in a collective tone.
I *WE* don't know why, and I *WE* don't have anything to prove.


In all honesty, I like this song. Idk if I would say it's my magnum opus, but it definitely is one of my best.
I would use midi, as I don't have RSE (I had a compelling urge to say AIDS/HIV).
That's all.

(Wouldn't let me bold and underline judges the first time through).
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Finished at last- its probably not the most post-hardcore song in the world by a long shot but here you go anyway.
Mixed for guitar pro 5 RSE- so use that if at all possible please judges
here's mine. i went for a dance gavin dance kinda feel. it's probably sound like post rock in places, and a bit different then what id usually write. but, i threw in some of ph and my own elements

edit: it sounds fine in both midi and rse, so dont worry