well, im looking to update my amp, to a full tube amp.

im a little at a loss on what to get, i need something very high gain, and i was tossing up between the bugera 6262 or the peavey 6505. im not sure where to go from here

I like the Peavey, but the Bugera does have some low end that's nicer.
The Peavey is more reliable though, +1.

There are other amps though, don't just do what everyone else is...
Where's the originality in that?
6505+ for sure. It has seniority, odds are it'll be more durable, sounds better to imo.
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look at the peavey XXX with some jj tubes.Its so freakin sick!Im about to pick one up myself.But then again I play metal and thats about it.
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cheers for your advice guys, might look into some of those, any other suggestions are welcome