So, Pit, let me tell you a story.

Me and my brother ( Sorrowsson, he's on UG too) smoked a bit last night, nothing special, just me, my brother, a bong and some weed.
All cool, plan was to watch some That 70s Show and then go to bed.
That was at 22:30.


UV Lights on. Right, nothing can happen, right?

Do not ever think you're safe.
They came out of nowhere. 5 at a time. They invaded our rooms.

What were they?
Big, brown, flying insects.


We decided to close the window to prevent more moths from entering our rooms. At this moment, there are 6 of them in the room.
Me and my brother are armed with deodorant, some old magazine, a lighter and a straight razor.

Moth #1 got killed by the magazine, performed an autopsy afterwards, nothing special.
Moth #2... good times. We sprayed deodorant all over him and set him on fire. He was still alive.
Moth #3.. I hit him in the air with a straight razor. Cut him in half. Tough luck mate.
Moth #4 got hit by a magazine. Meh nothing special, so I performed an autopsy on him afterwards.

Moth #5

This is where it gets creepy. Moth5, a BIG brown moth, was a lot like a telemarketer. They're here, and they won't leave. You cannot kill them.
So we caught him with a plastic cup. Filled the cup with deodorant.
As you can figure, teenagers + weed + animal + deo + lighter + cup = disaster.
And it WAS a disaster.

The deo caught flame, and we had a 3ft ball of fire.. in our room.
So we threw the burning cup in the sink. Or atleast, tried to. We missed and almost set the entire house on fire. We put the fire out with a blanket drenched in alcohol. Those cleaning things, y'know.

Moth 5 died. The plastic cup got too hot, became a liquid and well.. you can figure the rest out yourself.

Moth #6 escaped.

And that was it. Our epic battle against moths.
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That's almost as fun as the time I didn't have moths fly in while I smoked pot.
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