My Alexi LTD has went through a lot of stuff in the past.

I was messing around with the springs in the tremolo cavity in the back of the guitar, and I managed to accidentally break one of them. That was the start of my guitar not having the right feel, the action got all funky and super high, then I ended up messing with the intonation because I adjusted the height on the screws that hold down the bridge itself. After all that crap, I ended up putting on strings that were a different gauge than what came with the guitar when it was stock. After all this, I realized I could get it tuned but the sustain was horrible and the action is never right and usually too high. I can't even really get a good sound when I tap a note. How much is a typical price to set up a guitar of this kind? It is a left-handed guitar by the way. I also lost one of the locking nut things, out of the 3 I have 2 left. Do most guitar shops sell more of those that are compatible with my guitar? I wonder how much of an investment this will be, unless you guys could actually tell a mentally challenged person like myself how to fix all of this from home. Oh yeah, the Floyd is an original, it was shipped to me like so. I'm just tired of learning difficult tabs because my guitar is not the best it can be currently.

I admire your help.
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