I've got a Shecter Omen-6 guitar and I'm far away from any Instrument shop... Can anyone help me on what shape the pieces that connect the strings should be on the bridge for the lowest non-buzzing, playability? And also A while ago I bought a guitar with super soft strinngs.. the person I bought it from said they bought it for cheap at some weird guys house... does anyone know what strings it might have been?
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There is a screw at either end of the bridge - those are used to raise and lower the bridge to adjust the action. Its best to detune the guitar a bit first though to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

The adjustable bits for each individual string on the bridge are for adjusting string length - you use these to adjust the guitars intonation so that the string is in tune at the 12th fret as well as the open string. You shouldn't normally have to touch these.

Super soft strings? Is it an electric? I'd guess you just mean thin? No idea what make but I'd guess they are just 9's - that refers to the gauge (thickness) of the high e string.
I'm not sure what you mean regarding the bridge shapes, do mean the saddles?

As for the strings, to me super soft would be .008s, I've seen Ernie Ball have these and imagine other manufacturers would produce them too.
Thanks.. But thats the weird thing, they were exactly the same thickness as mine and I play .010