i have major problems with my fender frontman..and yeah before you say "oh that's just a sh*tty amp" i want so sell him for 80€ so i need him i already got a buyer

so i was playing with him..and when i plugged my crappy headphones into him he squealed (no pinch..the whole sound without playing squealed really nasty)...and the amp died.the light on the on/of button didn't light up.

my uncle checked the fuse...he replaced it with a other higher voltage fuse..now the light goes on but the amp humms only..no other sounds only noise

so what can i do? i don't want to pay a shop to fix it.is the higher voltage fuse the reason fo the noise?
you should use a fuse of same amps
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If you don't put the exact same components *only difference is that one is new and works of course* into the amp, then I guarantee you it won't work.

One you put a fuse that has the same voltage in see if that will work.
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check the capacitors, check the power transformer thing
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Higher voltage or higher amps fuse? Get the right fuse and see if it will power up. Unfortunately there probably isnt a whole lot your gonna be able to do with it. If it powers up but just hums then your not gonna be able to sell it. Unless you get lucky and its something to do with the headphone jack.