I recently refurbished my guitar and bought two new pickups that i am not sure how to install. I have a DiMarzio PAF Pro in the neck, and in the bridge i have a DiMarzio Tone Zone. I have a single coil but i don't mind if it isn't hooked up if it is too difficult, i am not familiar with how to wire it and i have brought it to a couple of guitar repair businesses who have not been much help. I have pictures and if anyone could help me figure out where i should connect which wires that would be great.

These are the ends of wires for the 2 DiMarzio pickups

Thanks for looking.
Try looking up strat wiring,you should eventually find a schematic for a strat with one tone knob.
But dam those pics are huge.
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Is this an ibanez? If so, chances are that 5way is a 2105. It's a special switch. Not much data is available on it. It's made for 2HB guitars. it does series/parallel for the Neck pickup and has an autosplit in one position for both HBs.

If you post the make/model of your guitar that might lead to more info.

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