I'm not sure how the bridges are attached to these and it looks like the finish might be screwed.


Ovation acoustic roundback guitar - Sunburst finish ALL ORIGINAL ONE OWNER - STORED IN ATTIC Deluxe Baladeer 1976-1978 production The guitar needs some work. As shown in picture the bridge came off body. Needs a repair Back of the neck has some wear Otherwise guitar in nice shape. All original The first 99.00 takes it !

I have this guitar and cant see how the bridge would do that, it's a shame because it's such a nice looking and sounding guitar but i would suggest to look elsewhere.

Hope you find a good one.
its totally fixable as long as the soundboard is intact. bring it to a repair shop and pay the $120 or whatever.
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Thanks for the opinions guys.

I did ask him for the serial so I can properly date it. I may go look at it and see first hand how bad the damage is. If there is no damage to the visible finish and it's just a bridge reglue maybe it's worth it?