hey guys i'm after a secondhand tele to take to uni with me, but i'm not having much luck with finding one, and im not sure im looking in the right place. Any of you guys know some good online stores for secondhand electrics?

thanks in advance
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You could try putting a "WTB" thread in the classifieds section!

I had mine from eBay.co.uk. May find something there, but be careful to check it thoroughly and ask for plenty of pics and close ups.
You may find it easier once you get to university to get one then depending on where you end up going to. Second hand guitars on EBAY in the UK have some crazy asking prices. Some are asking the same price or even above buying the same guitar but brand new in the UK. If you keep your eye out there are a few bargains though.
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Local shops are good, try coda in stevenage or luton they have a huge secondhand range listed on their site too. Theres machinehead in hitchin they have quite afew bargains secondhand.

And stringsdirect.co.uk who are good with their secondhand gear.

With all these shops you can haggle over price abit and get it abit cheaper than ebay prices

Gumtree also good
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scroll down to the 2nd hand section on the left then click "F" for fender

this is the only store i buy any guitar from their service is outstanding, i`ve been using them for the last 15 years and had no problems yet.

i do ocassionally use others for pedals strings and other consumables but always use soundsgreat for guitars.
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