Okay, so I made this thread couple of days ago and now without further ado, here is the competition.

The song we will be remixing is "Only" by the Nine Inch Nails - I chose this because NIN have their full source tracks online, and becasue it has a nice chorus and some decent riffs in there.

Listen to the song here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgt_WDjbO0o
And get the tracks here - http://www.ninremixes.com/downloads/only_source_aifs.zip

- You probably all know what a remix is, but still:

- You have to use the source files to make a new song of your design

- You can add and parts, and change warp and twist the original parts to your heart's content, the only stipulation is that the original song must be easily recognisable in your remix!

- Post your entry to your UG Profile or other hosting site, you are welcome to post saying you are going to enter but I won't add your name to the list of entrants until you have actually submitted a song.

- The closing date for entries is 17th of August, giving you roughly a month from now.

- Once all entries are in the winner will be decided by a poll... I will probably enter to boost numbers unless a lot of people enter.

- Any questions or comments feel free to ask.

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