I have an Ipod Touch 2nd gen. and i want to get the microphone+headset for it so i could use iphone apps that needed a mic. I was wondering if anyone knew if i could just attach a plain old microphone and/or use a splitter to use for microphone and earbuds. Thanks
You won't be able to plug a mic into the headphone socket, it's output only. Check the Apple store or Amazon and you're sure to find something.
Apple sell a set of headphones which have a microphone built into it which I think is the only way that you can use a microphone on it, they are quite a bit more than the usual head phones which are already overpriced but i think its the only option for you unfortunately.
Isnt there already an iPod help thread?
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I just looked on Amazon, there's plenty of things you can get, that aren't expensive, and that fit into the headphone socket, I might get one myself.

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