This is my band, Scarlet ink. We're a rock band who mix punk, metal, and whatever comes to us. These are our very first recordings so don't hate=) We are currently recording our LP, which will be a huge improvement on sound and performance.

Comments and criticism welcomed, and thank you for looking.
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dude that is one cool band name
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i can see why he likes elevators, theyre a truly uplifting experience

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Hey there- just listening through, song by song- i'll warn you now i'm brutally honest hehe.

Mortificate- Throughout the intro and the chorus I'm not sure if the bass sounds 100% in tune :S I like the chorus though, I think the vocals work quite well, the pauses in the second verse work pretty well as well to break it up a little bit and add some variety! The only real problem I have with this track is that the bass seems quite ambiguous in the chorus- and because there aren't any chords in the chorus, you sort of wonder what is supposed to be going on a little bit, maybe a second guitarist playing chords would help to give the chorus a thicker sound, or if the bassist was playing something simpler there? The ending sounds a bit like you didn't know whether you were ending or not as well. But yeah, cool vocals, nice guitar work, just gotta make sure that the direction of the song doesn't get lost!

Limewire- The bass seems to be playing some curious notes again, i'm liking the interaction between the vocals / guitar and drums though- the male voice cutting in underneath makes a nice change as well- perhaps in the bridge section where your singing in unison you could change it for harmonies or something though? The soloing isn't bad but i think the bass and drums don't support it very well at the moment.

Overall, practice makes perfect, your drummer sounds competent, your guitarist sounds competent, your vocalist sounds competent, your bassist sounds like he can play bass you just need to make sure he's playing stuff that complements what the rest of you are playing. You guys are all really young as well and so you've got plenty of opportunity to develop and improve both individually and as a unit.

Do any of the guys in the band have lessons on their instruments?

if you fancy returning the favour and giving my band a listen and telling us what you think, you can check us out in this thread:


keep rockin'

xx matt
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Matt, many thanks for the response.
Like i said, this was an early recording, we have improved in various topics you discussed, but again many thanks for your answer.

Only the vocalist and me(guitarist) had lessons, our bass player was basically new to the bass at this point, as we kinda forced him to play. Haha, no he wanted to join us.

Will do.
That's cool man, I look forward to hearing what you guys get up to next, keep in touch :-)

xx matt
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