Whats the best way to pick this lick?


(from Fade to Black end solo, also if you bring the 7's up to 8's and not bend the 9, then its in Sultans of Swing as well)

Talking about 1 cycle as starting on the 7 e string and ending on the 9... so far I've been down picking the 7, up picking the pull off, and down picking the 9. My problem is I feel like down picking the 9 and then down picking the 7 right after is limiting and error prone. Is this a fine way to play it and i should just keep at it? Another idea I had would be to go D, U, U instead of D, U, D (then going from the 9 to the 7 is an alternate inside pick, and the pull off gives you the time to do the same stroke direction twice).

Or is there an even better way I'm not considering?

Thanks in advance!
My left hand is fine, you only mentioned one pick there. Are you doing and 3 string up sweep each cycle?
You could sweep it like you mentioned but I pick it the same you said you do.
Just go DUDUDUDUDU, so the first time you do the lick it'll be DUD, then the 2nd time it'll be UDU.
I do down, up down. It lets you play the lick faster.
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My left hand is fine, you only mentioned one pick there. Are you doing and 3 string up sweep each cycle?

yeah i kinda meant pick up the whole time
sweep more or less
It's disappointing when there's no general consensus.

I guess that's to be expected though...
Everyone plays everything diff. You will never find any technique on the guitar that everyone does exactly the same.

Just gotta play around and see what works best for you.
I'd up the first note and alternate the rest especially since the picking side changes from one run tot he other and I like to be able to do it equally as good either on outside or inside picking.

   1    4   1     3

That's how I would play this.

All up stroke, and pull off the 10p7.
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