ive got a peavey bandit 112 and a boss me50. when i link them up without the effects loop it oes as load as the amp can. but when i use the fx loop it only goes so loud. when i crank it up to full on both master and drive volume (on the me50) it just gets drowned out by everything else.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance
just dont use the effects loop, i will probably be abused for saying this but i dont use mine and i feel my tone is just fine lol
yeah, you don't HAVE to use the effects loop. just throw it in front of the amp and call it good. i'm assuming you're only using your amp's clean channel anyway, right?
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Its probably cuz the signal is lost when it goes through all those pedals (depending on how many pedal syou have in your effects loop, however). I would suggest getting something like the MXR Micro Amp, it boosts your signal when its lost because of the fact that you have a lot of pedals.