If you have got a line6 POD give me your honest views because im intrested and close to buying one, i do have a band nothing serious yet just looking for something simple for little gigs here and there
my PODXT is great, but i would recommend it unless you're using the amp models. so for shows you could go into the FX return of the amp or the PA, and that would be good

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line 6 podxt for recording

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Great for practice. Ok for recording. Reasonable live, if through an FX loop. Will ruin the sound of a good amp if in the front end though. Trust me on this. My other guitarist used my Hiwatt studio stage last night with an XT live in the front, and it sounded crap. A real shame, as he's a great player.
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^i remember seeing a band live, the lead guitarist plugged his XT live into a vox ac30 and it killed the amp's tone lol
and it was a relatively big band, they were opening for Mindless self indulgence

as for myself, i own the pod xt live and it is a great little machine, it's worth it, sounds good, i used it for a long time (2 years) and it never failed me, but then i started getting individual pedals and a tube amp because it does sound much better when you get the real deal.
i tried the pod both in amps and in a PA system, and both sounded good, sounds better in a PA though.
Obviously, PODs are great for recording and practice....but, my live back-up rig is a POD X3 Live into a Randall RT-2 50W power amp into an Avatar 4x12 with Celestion V30s. Once you get used to tweaking your tones you can get sounds that will rival most tube amps (especially if you run your sound through a tube power amp).
Il be honest as an owner. The Pod XTs cleans are sterile compared a to a proper tube amp and the gain is buzzy fizzy mush. I also find all the tones from the XT to be highly compressed all the time which to my ears is quite undesirable. I actually much prefer the Pod2's models to the XT/X3.

Its a good product if you want a recording solution or practice setup/gig backup but I dont think id ever use it as my main rig.
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The XT/X3 are great, and the 2.0 is pretty good as well
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I don't know about the higher end ones but I have the Pocket POD express and it's okay for practicing with headphones but it picks up a lot of interference so it's bad for recording.
Line6 podxt live is designed for every gig know matter how big or how small, studio or practice and home recording it can and will give you all it has when you set it up properly.