What do you think of cheap (really cheap oO) cabs with V30 speakers?
I might get one or two 212s (because I don't have a cab yet) with my Engl Blackmore.
They cost about 200€, and a 412 costs 350€.
Would you buy that?

I'd say test it if you can, because the cabinet wood (probably what they skimped on to make them cheap) or the components (wiring, jacks, etc.) could be cheap too. The wood would be the major factor though.

You could probably build a 2X12 better for 200 euros though, i'd bet.
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Cheap Cab + Awesome Speakers = Cheap Cab....

IIRC, B52 makes a decent cab with V30s for about $600USD. I found a used Marshall 1960a for $500. I own an Avatar 4x12 ($569 USD).
i think you could afford a USED carvin Legacy 2x12
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Thx for your answer!

Sry, I didn't post details:

2x 12" Celestion Vintage 30

120 Watt - 8 Ohm

2x 60 Watt - 16 Ohm

Mono/stereo switchable

16mm plywood

Does the material really influence the sound?
I don't expect it to last long when I handle it roughly, but it's just for the beginning... I'll get a Marshall or Engl later.

And if it really gets destroyed, I still have 2 V30s, which I can build into another cab. ;D
I'm using a cheap framus 2x12 with my Blackmore, I have no complaints.
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I'm using a cheap framus 2x12 with my Blackmore, I have no complaints.

framus.... cheap?....
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I think the one he uses is the "FR212", it's a simple little dark red cab with 2 V30s and a removable backside... costs about 300€. ;D
The Framus Dragon 2x12 is a brilliant cabinet that can be bought from Thomann, Music Store or Music Productiv for €299.
yup, you two nailed it. Its a fine little cab. Not the best, not the worst, but for 300 hard to beat
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