After reading the bass lessons on UG i decided we should try and make it better for beginners (and higher level) players to learn things of use, so i ask you,
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slap rhythm patterns.

not "how to slap" but how to apply it. Like different patterns you can make using octaves, pentatonic runs, etc.

oh and where to put ghost notes
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There were a load of TOTM (technique/theory of the month) threads made way back when which were awesome. Searchbar them and take a look .

i like matthebassists idea of how to apply things, not just slap thow, so as instead of saying how to do a technique but instead how to apply it to real musical situations.
In all fairness, I've been thinking about doing "application" lessons for bass- not just technique, but using vocal-like phrasings etc to write interesting lines. If I have the time, I'll look into it, but I have a potential tour to prepare for in the meantime. If that falls through though, expect those lessons
awsome man glad to hear people on ug are doing more than...well...ug! but yes, i was thinking of doing lessons or trying anyway. just ever really knew what people would want
Slow and in depth video instructions on how to do advanced techniques like double thumping. The instructions I've seen so far all seem to be- "how to double thump: first, double thump the string. Now you're done!" Not very helpful.

Some guides on setup would be nice, like truss rod and bridge adjustment. I like to think I'm not a novice but I'd like to be sure about these things.
i would do a video lesson or two but i have a horribly nazaly voice that people wouldnt understand lmao. but it is a good idea, and the setup guide is something ill look into..