Whats the diff. I got a taylor and i want nice coated strings on them. 1 person says elixer the other says exp price is 4 dollars diff. What the difference?
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None, really. You might find a little difference in sound, some prefer one, some the other. I prefer elixir myself.
I've been an elixir lover for some time now. especially on my T5 they worked out really well. since i have a tube amp now im gonna set it up with electric strings, though.

I do have to say that I was dissapointed in my last set of elixirs. they suddenly seemed to stiff and a bit thin sounding on my Walden D550ce. Could be because I havent been able to afford elixirs for a while and have been using D'addario phospor bronze lights instead.

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Poly has a very thick coating, nano is very thin. The Poly is less bright. I actually prefer poly over the nano, unlike most people. Although... I don't use either because I love my Eric Clapton Martin signature strings that much more.
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I use D'addario strings and I am going to gc today to pick up some RED brand strings.. I guess its all upto the persons preference. Its always nice to try out bunch of strings.