Got myself a Squier '51 modified . I got it for a dollar(yep. $1 USD) from my friend who's moving and didn't want it anymore. He was going to give it to me but I didn't feel right just taking it from him so he said "Give me a penny or something and we'll call it even." Having no change on me and only a dollar bill in my pocket(I was at work, which is where I left my wallet) I gave it to him and we exchanged our good-byes and whatnot.

Anyway, onto the guitar. It's great for a guitar that's been ignored, uncleaned, and kept in the box the entire time he's owned it. Hell, I've played it more times than he has. I've already lowered the action a little bit, but I had to raise it since the strings would buzz in the saddle which I guess is a problem. This is going to be my first paint/mod guitar and I'm really excited. Anyway, onto the pics!

Lemme know if you guys wanna see anything else. I wasn't really sure what pics I should take. I thought I'd at least get those.

tl;dr: Got a new guitar for a dollar from a friend who's moving
Lucky Bastard.
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I've always liked that pickguard. Nice guitar

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Beats any deal I have gotten. Lucky bastard.
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Wow. That's a great deal. Hopefully you can make it look real nice.
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