I bought the album "Rapid Eye Movement" a couple of days ago, mainly because i liked the cover art.
I had never heard of the band, Riverside, but since i'm an Opeth fan and this album was under the same category as Opeth at the store, i picked it up.

And i really liked it.
It's the first album since Mastodon's "Crack The Skye" was released in March that literally sent chills down my spine.
Especially the songs "02 Panic Room", "Schizophrenic Prayer" and "Parasomniac".

What i'd like to know is if the other albums of the band follow the same musical aesthetics and textures as "Rapid Eye Movement", or if this album is an exception in their general work (kinda like Opeth's "Damnation").

Because if they follow the same style in all the albums, i'd probably buy the full discography.
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I know Scourge really likes this band perhaps ask in the rec thread though for better responses, I must say this is my first time checking this band out even though I've known about them for awhile, I like it, reminds me of Porcupine Tree, might wanna check out Indukti's S.U.S.A.R album then, apparently the vocalist for Riverside did vocals on that album, and I really like that album so yeah check it out.
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Fantastic band, good to see someone else that has heard of them. All of their albums have an Opeth sound, but they're all excellent. I would pick up "Out of Myself" next, and then the rest of their stuff.
I like Rapid Eye Movement and I saw them on that tour, but I can't help but feel that the first 2 albums are much better
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^Agreed. Not to say its a bad album, but Out of Myself and Second Life Syndrome were way better. Poland cranks out really good bands apparently.
awesome album. nuff said

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Their only black sheep cd is the Voices In My Head EP, which is still mind-blowingly awesome. If it says "Riverside" on it, it's a safe buy. Mariusz Duda's solo project, Lunatic Soul, is worth a listen as well.
oh yes dminishedthingy made me want to check these guys out a while ago. i have second life syndrome its great. alongside this band i would highly recommend porcupine tree. one of my favorites and theyre kinda similar.

this band does have pretty much 3 different styles if you will, that blend together very nicely. for a sampling of all of them listen to the title track of second life syndrome. they have like ambience, proggy, an more aggressive parts too.

"The title track has been said in one radio interview to be one of the best songs to sum up Riverside's sound. The song contains three parts: A slightly aggressive first part, a mellow and quiet second part, and an instrumental third part."

has anyone got their new album? i keep forgetting about it.
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Anno Domine High Definition. My dad bought it a few weeks ago. It's a slightly different style, a tad faster and more aggressive.
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