The Chord Master app for iPhone. This was the first advertisement that actually belonged on a guitar website...

But to give this a topic, do any of you actually use those apps? I have a tab and scales one on my iPod, and they are actually pretty helpful.
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I would use them when i finally get my Ipod... Damn phone deals.
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I have that app that lets you listen to the song you want to listen to at the time you want to listen to it... It's pretty much the best thing on my iPod.
No, I don't us them on my iPhone/iPod.

End of, lol.
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Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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Twilight on DVD!!! It reminded me to go out a pick up a copy.

You killed the thread...
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You killed the thread...

and not even in a good 'it might come back as a sick twisted blood thirsty vampire' way...

but in a 'oooh look at me, i'm all shiny like a diamond and can run really fast... i love you semi-attractive girl' way.
Our drummer has that app. why i don't know.

I have never clicked a banner on this site.
i hate ads but fact of life i guess
also, i don't has an iFone. I never will cause they're overrated
i spend more time playing guitar than using ****ty mobile phone apps anyway
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nah, I still use these things called BOOKS. you may have heard of them.
Heard of them? I READ one once. Those things are fucking amazing!!!
read a page and look at the pictures,
then flip that page over to the left, AND THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!!!
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