The Amp is in the drop down menu under the guitar (Component 2)

I going to get the squier telecaster, but which amp would you guys recommend?

The above has quite a lot, I'm looking for a solid quality amp for under a £100, with hopefully some reverb and maybe fx?

Is the HARLEY BENTON HB-40R decent?
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Nothing real special here, but probably the Peavey Vypyr.
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Cool going to go for the cube, checked it out on youtube.

Does anyone know if it comes with a cable or do I have to order
Do you mean a guitar cable to plug it in to the amp? then it might not come with one, but they are very cheap to buy.
Yeah a 1/4 one may as well get one thrown in. Very cheap.

Actually anyone know if the telecaster comes with a gig bag because I ordered one, already?
iv tried most of them, and i prefer the vypyr myself. much fuller sound and the models and effects are done pretty well.
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Why does it have wireless systems down near the bottom?
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