Wow, your first time back here in a year and a half.

I think there is a sticky in the techniques forum that tells you what you need.
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warm up........couple of tunes.......visit stuff you learnt the day before....recap theory and tecniques....more tunes..........check diary......prepare lessons......give lessons.....supper, beer, post on UG.....sleep
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I put my fingers on the frets, and hit the strings until noises come out.
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I put my fingers on the frets, and hit the strings until noises come out.

i put my frets on the fingers and the guitar hits music until comes out
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I warm up w/ a couple scales, find a song I like/ want to learn to play, find the tab on UG, then just practice it...

I know there's betterr ways, but...

I've been playing for a year so...

EDIT: I think this method only works for me cause I play a wide range of music
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Learn songs
Practice Theory
Learn Scales
Read Music
Use metronome
Technique Practice

Its just a really broad question
i warm up by fapping a few times afterwards i clean up the mess and grab the trusty metronome and go to work
I usually start with some funk type stuff just to get my right hand warm and loose, then I go right into scales and /or patterns with my metronome. Then after that I will work on what I was learning last time I practiced, Then at the end I like to put in a cd I know every song on and just play along with that.
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So, how do one practice the guitar efficiently??

Go to Berklee. If you're still hanging in there after the first semester then you're doing it....

Seriously, everyone has there own way. I warm up with finger exercises, do some ear training, play a few songs I already know, hit some theory, do a little improv, and end up by learning a new song.
-get on here and find any tabs
-read part of the crusade for theory
-stretch, warm up fingers with varigrip
-practice whatever from theory lesson
-practice scales & chords
-jam/write songs
-get bored and listen to music
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I mostly just play my fave tunes. Just jam. I dont actually practice. But I'm taking lessons, so I dont know. But yeah, I'm like waaaayyy behind.

But I dont care.
Currently - Play a song with Backing Track (currently Give into Me - MJ Feat Slash), My Grade 3 stuff, Then my gig songs (Rocky Mountain Way, Still got the Blues), Then Improv over Backing Tracks
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So, how do one practice the guitar efficiently??
i usually pick up a guitar and play what comes into my head, IMO you become a better player if you don't force what you learn,just let it come naturally.
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lately I've spent about an hour a day on sweeping exercises, first 3, then 4 string sweeps, I repeat the same sequence until I can speed up to a faster speed, then continue until I get how fast I want. . That's about how long I last before my hand cramps up
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Say if i was practicing a technique or scale, i would play it sort of robotically. If I go wrong, start again.

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Like this:
Shut door
Plug in guitar
Turn on amp
Play random chord progressions and scale patterns
Real songs
Repeat steps 5-8 until I don't want to anymore.