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Hey everybody, I was thinking, and I have found that it might be pretty cool to start a power trio! Now, I wanna research some power trio's, but all I know is the basic Rush, Hendrix, Cream, Nirvana, Police, and ZZ Top. Any more cool power trio's out there?
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Slipknot's like 3 power trios all in one band.

But seriously, The Tea Party are a really good power trio.
You know what would be pretty cool?
A drum forum.
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Well, old Wolfmother at least. New lineup has four people, so check out their self-titled.
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James Gang from the 70's...Nobody remembers them
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Joe Walsh rocks that ****!

Oysterhead, dear god listen to Oysterhead!!

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Joe Walsh rocks that ****!

Oysterhead, dear god listen to Oysterhead!!

Man, you forgot to mention your own band!
Great music man!!!! Love the funk...
I am a Stephenist

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If White Stripes can make such sounds with two people.....
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The Fall Of Troy. Best trio out there right now IMHO.

Fa sho.
Blink 182. lol.
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John Mayer Trio
Green Day (up through Nimrod is all trio stuff, Warning is when they started adding more members to the live show)
Box Car Racer are/were technically a trio, as Tom Delonge played bass on the album and just had a touring bassist.
River Card Winner are a duo, but sound like a trio. programmed drums until we find a drummer.
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For the most part, Kingston Wall. Drastically overlooked...And I really do believe Walli was one of the most talented guitarists of all time. Sami was a fabulous drummer too....
Well, trio's are, in my opinion, the most effeciant way.


None others come to mind right now.
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Was just about to mention them

The Fratellis

Sorry, theyre a four piece. Dexter just does vox, no instrument
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