Hey dudez

Recently I sold my xbox 360, which along with my savings and birthday monies gives me about enough to consider buying an amp for around 400-600 euros (around 500-900 USD or 350-520 GBP)

I would like an amplifier that will be easily able to handle gigging and all that jazz.

As for sound, I generally like a few effects to mess around with, especially distortion along with delay and reverb etc. I plan to play a variety of genres, I don't want anything too specialized, but rock/metal is my main focus.

ATM amps that have caught my attention as having sounds that I like are: the roland cube, line 6 spider and line 6 flextone.

What would you guyz recommend?


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I don't know about the others but don't get the spider. My friend has one and I cringe every time he plays it. It has 4 sounds and none are as good as the others you've listed.
Cheers for your advices dudes, i'll check out some of those models you've suggested further. What would you recommend for wattage? I've seen an alright deal for a flextone 150 watt with a cover and a switch pedal type thing for about 550 euros...
Let's see, is there a craigslist-like site where you live? If so, look on there for a Vetta combo.

Of those amps, though, get the Flextone.
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Check out EVA Amps, Hand made in Norfolk - http://www.englishvalveamps.co.uk/index2.html
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Okey dokey, I just checked out the vetta combo, the only one I can find costs like 1,400 euros, so that's a bit over budget rlly.

Just an idea, but what would you guys think of getting a head and cab separately, like I've found some bundle thing where I can get a Line 6 Spider III HD 150 with a Laney LX412A cab?

+ I've been told that to play with live drums in concerts nd stuff I should rlly have over 80 watts. Does this apply to buying heads and cabs separately?