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So pit, for the more cultured or foreign among you, what is your favourite non-english language film?

My vote would go to The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen) or Downfall (Der Untergang), both german films.
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the lives of others was a great movie, I'd go with Pan's Labryinth. (now that I think about it, that'll be a good band name.)
Mine is "Goodbye Lenin!"
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La vie est bella or whatever its called.
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Pan's Labyrinth
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I really enjoyed the Chinese Film's '2002' or 'The Avenging Fist'.
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I won't lie, I haven't seen a lot of films (and even less non-English films, obviously)...but I really really loved The Counterfeiters. I think that was an excellent movie, very well-made and a heartbreaking look at the Holocaust.

It's kind of a downer obviously, so it completely removed all and any sexual tension during my first date with a really cute guy I never saw him again
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Pan's Labyrinth...see I'm hip.
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or this one Spanish movie about this Spaniard lady that hangs out with these two Mexican kids and finds a hidden beach.

also, I want to see Battleship Yamato, it looks good.
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Unfortunately all the non-english I've seen were either on Telemundo or were Kung-Fu movies.

I did enjoy Pan's Labyrinth.
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I watched "La Vitta e Bella" or something among those lines, which translates to Life is Beautiful, in my European History class. It was pretty good. I think that's the only non-English film I've seen, besides English movies translated.
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Great movie. Plus, it has Penelope Cruz, so it can't fail. She's absolutely stunning in that film.
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LIfe is beautiful. That's the only one I have seen so I can't really choose another.

thats a damn good movie.
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La Vita e Bella or however it's spelled

for more modern ones I liked El Orfanato and A la folie, pas de tout
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Does anyone know where one can watch sub-titled foreign films online. 'Cause they're either not translated at all, sub-titled in chinese, or dubbed, both of which is not good enough.
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das boot (german film) or Pan's Labyrinth

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downfall, brotherhood, heaven's soldiers, red cliff 1 and 2, battle royale, soldier of orange and stalingrad
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kung fu hussle i think it was called?
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