Hi all

im new to guitar really and a few of my mates recommended to pick up a crafter to learn with. I got one on ebay for 100 quid second hand and wanted to know if its any good, the guy said he paid 350 a few years back the model is FRG-250E electro acoustic.
Is this a good guitar because im worried coz i cant find anything on it?


Naaaaaw, its a good guitar to start on brah
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imo, it shouldnt matter if you're playing on a nice guitar or not if you're just starting out.


theres no such thing as a beginners guitar.

you need to get your budget, and get your "wants"

instead of beginners guitar,intermidiate, advanced, and pro like most think

cheap/some of wants
cheap/most of wants
so-so cost/all wants and
xpensive/all wants and then some
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I thought FSG but i double checked he deffo said FRG-250E it has no cut away and a passive pick up. Regarding the other advice i do appreciate it i had 100 quid to spend and this was 100 quid i liked the look of it also but i just wanted to see if it was a known decent guitar or a cheap nasty one, and if there was any truth in what this guy said he paid for it


deffo is FRG not FSG its a 2002 Model i think electro acoustic
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sorry to be a mood killer but guitar questions aren't allowed this forum (not my rules btw - if they were my rules UG would be a spam website.. anyway..) so please post in another forum. I suggest acoustic forum. and you may get more replies there.
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can a moderator move this for me at all? to acoustic
Sorry didnt reallise

Hi Mark!

Just make a new thread in A&CG. This one is already kinda messy.
I'll report it and ask a Mod to close it for you. Or if you edit your first post and delete it (tick the delete button before click the delete bar) the thread will be deleted.

Don't expect too much in the way of replies, though.
This sounds like a less common model.

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please make a fresh thread in the acoustic forum as SYK said, this one is a bit messy and the replies will confuse people haha.
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