Hello there, I haven't posted here in a long time, but I find you guys are the best audience. but BEWARE: WALL OF TEXT. READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.

TL;DR: Southern girl is racist towards me, and hates my guts because I am Asian. I see her in store after high school, she asks me out. I am confused, but go out with her anyway. We have a great time, I eat fried chicken, we have kissy kissy time. End of story.

I am 18 years old (I think my profile age may be older, but I am 18) and just graduated high school. When I started my last year of high school a little less than a year ago, we had this transfer student from Alabama or Louisiana (I cant remember) who came to Canada for some unknown reason but was moving back home after the school year and summer was over. Now, let me say one thing, I do not think the majority of people from the south are racist, and those stereotypes about them all being racist rednecks are garbage. In fact, I have met a few southerners and many of them are as kind and respectful as can be. But of course every society has their share of racists, and this girl is one of them.

This girl was in my second semester English class, and we had assigned seating in in alphabetical order by last name. My Last name begins with K, hers begins with M. Since there was no L in our class, she sat beside me. Now, I thought this was amazing at first. She was beautiful. Tall, blonde, blue eyes, etc. Not to mention I found her southern accent pretty sexy as well. Problem was...I had no idea she was racist. Now, being a half Asian male who looks predominantly Asian growing up in Canada, I have had my fair share of teasing, but no one has really, truly hated me because of what I look like.

So, when she sat next to me, she didn't look quite happy. But at this point, it was unknown to me that she was racist. The first thing I ever said to her was "Can I borrow a highlighter?" She calmly said "I dont lend things to Ch**ks". At that point, I was stunned, and didn't quite know what to do. I thought she may have been joking but I soon realized she was very serious. Th whole semester that we sat together, she wouldn't talk to me, try not to look at me etc. Its as if I was some kind of plague. She was good friends with the popular kids/jocks/preps (who are all white) so every chance she got, she would try and humiliate me. Her and her friends would walk by, and if I was eating a granola bar (chocolate marshmallow of course) she would say something along the line of "where's your bowl of rice yellow belly?" etc. I decided to take the high road, and just ignore her. (I took the high road because the jocks have about an extra 6" on me and 50-100 pounds, so in this case taking the high road = being a pussy)

I went to a few parties, and she ended up being there. I believe she wore a confederate shirt once. (It was really tight and and hot, but at the same time scared me. See, I told you I was a pussy.) The problem is, a lot of people liked her, because she was sexy. At these parties, she would usually get her and her large male friends to throw things at me, egg my beautiful 1995 Honda Civic DX (Just kidding :P), yell racist comments at me etc. So, I stopped going to these large parties where everyone was invited for the rest of the semester. The weird thing is, I have been to many parties during first semester, seen her there, and she did nothing. She did all this during second semester. Anyhow, I bend over and take this abuse for the rest of high school, high school ends, I graduate, blahblahblah.

So anyhow, about 2 weeks ago I see her in Wal-Mart. I tried to use my 1337 ninja skills to hide, but it was too late. She saw me. Damn. ****. Fu**. Bi**h. So, I kind of did this awkward look, and decided to walk away. She called my name, and i thought to myself " here was go again...". She comes up to me, says hi, and asks me how my summer was etc. Very similar to the time when I first talked to her, I was in complete shock. At first, i thought she was joking. My mother always told me to be respectful, so instead of introducing my right hand to her face, I just kept on talking hoping it would end soon. (not too soon though, because I may or may not have been staring at her boobies a bit). Anyhow, i eventually zoned out a bit while talking to her. But i was conscious enough to hear this "So do you want to do something sometime?" I didn't quite know what to do, but I remember my voice cracking and me uttering to her something that sounded like a duck's quack. She said "What?" So I stupidly said "yes". She said "great", gave me her number, then we both went separate ways. This was beyond weird because the conversation we was casual, she didn't bring up anything bring up anything about my ethnicity, or what she did/said to me in the past. We had a normal conversation that would happen between two friends or something.

Anyhow, I drove home from Wal-Mart thinking this was a complete trick. I would call her, and she would destroy me with a continuous wave of racist comments, or we would go out, and she would do something to publicly embarrass me forever and I would end up like Yoda. Old, green, living in a cave, with the nearest girl being galaxies away. But, I decided to call her up, mainly because I was curious to see what the hell this was all about. We talked briefly, she said I could come over to her Aunt's house (that's where she was staying for the year, until she went back to The US). Last week, I went there. No one was home except for her. We talked, she cooked me a classic southern meal consisting of southern chicken, potatoes and a classic cheese cake dessert (At first I thought the meal was poisoned, but I kept eating it anyway because it was so damn delicious) The whole time, she never mentioned anything about my race, or anything she did to me. Its as if I instantly became the whitest man on Earth, and was no longer Asian. We had a great conversation, and while we were eating/talking, she kept on rubbing my arm a bit, giggling at every single joke I said, and playing with her hair. Basically, she was giving me signs. After dinner, I took her for a nice walk down by the beachfront(classic :P) at night. We talked even more, and then had kissed, which eventually turned into making out. I brought her home, we arranged another date, and now I am talking to you guys telling you this story. She is going back home in another month and a half or so, so we only have a little while to see each other. I just thought I would share this with you guys, and wondering if you could give me an opinion on the situation because I still cant believe it.
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I totally lol'ed at the title, I'm gonna go read the post now.

EDIT: okay, read it, and: cool blog bro


EDIT: also, you're a ****ing idiot if this is true and you're still thinking about going out with this chick.
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Your mother always told you to be respectful, yet I notice a distinct lack of pics in your first post.
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