I need a wah pedal for under a hundred bucks. How is the gcb-95 different from the original crybaby? heres the link


also, how are the vok wah pedals? link for that too thanks


any other suggestions
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hang on what has this to do with GnR.

Any way the GCB-95 Is just standard and the original is a more classical sound.
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Slash uses the Dunlop rack wah, but you can get similar sounds out of a 535Q or any decent wah that works with gainy music.
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Scour craigslist, ive seen quite a few 535q's pop up on mine. The lowest ive seen is 40 bucks. The average is about 70 or 80. But any wah for high gain. Or maybe a slash wah?
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535q wah
hey sorry i was just getting in an my question i was i a rush. So, a few things. One, the craigslist in my town has pretty much nothing and there is no music store within 2 hours. So it would have to be shipped. Second, the slash wah is like 160, WAY out of my price range so that wont work.Third, i meant to add that i am looking for a wah pedal for guns n roses type stuff. and fourth, do you think its a good deal for the gcb95 on craigslist, where i posted the link to? btw, im not in denver so thats not my craigslist, just the closest one with decent stuff. thanks
Fender MIM hss strat 1997
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I love classic rock.
I would look at the Ibanez Weeping Demon, Morley Bad Horsie or a Cry Baby 535Q
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