Hey, I was wondering what kind of technique I could use to palm mute note and be able to play fast. I know that sounded kinda dumb but i'm trying ot learn disposable heroes by metallica and i have every part (including the solo) down really good other than like the verses and the pre-choruses because of the palm muting lol.
Alot of Metallica songs use down picking while palm muting even on the fast parts for example most of Master of Puppets is Downpicked and Palm muted but im not sure about Dissposable Heros. It really depends on how fast it is. If its too fast then you gotta Alternate Pick.
Just looked at the song. How long have you been playing? I can't believe you can play that solo but not be able to do the verses...

Anyway I would probably down pick all the 8th notes and alt pick all the 16 notes. For palm muting I'd listen to the actual song and not guitar pro to hear how muted it is.

Hope that helps