UK Indie sounds, ie Bloc Party/White Lies/Franz ect ect

I'm looking for a base clean sound I can build apon with pedals and things and then a nice lead sound for leady bits like Hunting for witches.

I like the dual terror becuase of the 30 watts which should give me pretty usable cleans and then i can switch for gainier tones.

I'm not looking for metal whatsoever. The heaviest music I play would be somewhere along the lines of Foo Fighters, this amp is mostly for cleans and low/mid gain sounds.

So i basicly want to know if this or any other amps are good around that price £450ish

Yeah, i've always loved that vox sound, i've used an ac30 for a few gigs, so in answer to your question yes.

The only problem with an ac15 is i've heard it breaks up quite early, I use a lot of modulated delays which wouldn't sound good infront of a broken up amp. But i'm open to it, if anyone can give more info on the amp?
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