Never really got serious about it, plus I play my classical guitar waaaaay more and now I want an acoustic guitar. Also I kinda need to money too.

Should Sell:

1-Doubt I will ever play in a band
2-Not serious about it
3- Need the money
4-Playing electric guitar by myself is boring, sounds empty w\o rhym guitar, drums and bass
5-Acoustic is simple and sounds nice by itself
6- Expensive, still need to buy active speakers or a decent amp ( I play through a Pod X3)
7-Resell my gear for close to what I bought it for

Shouldn't Sell

1- Might want to get back into electric guitar later
2- ?????????

If I sell the pod and the Jackson I still have my very first guitar which is decent and an beginner amp which is has a decent clean channel.
You decide yourself, this really isn't the buisness of people across the world on forums. If you feel that you want to sell your stuff then sell it.
Ye defo sell, if ure not happy with it there really is no point
The fact that you're asking tells me you shouldn't...

You seem to have tons of reasons to sell it, and only 1 not to.
You have the realistic answer right there.

But asking a forum if you should sell, that sounds to me like you're asking us to talk you out of it. Which means you really don't want to sell it, but you can't justify keeping it.
So your Heart wants to keep it, but your mind says you need money...

And BTW, you probably won't get as much as you think you will. Probably not as much as you paid..

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you will get less than 1/2 of what you paid originally.

why don`t you see yourself playing in a band.....try it goto a jam night with your electric you`ll find your musical horizons expand rapidly when playing with other musicians and it`s fun...........then goto a open mic night where you are up on your own the 1st time is scary regardless of your ability and as a new guy your normally 1st on (peeps aren`t normally drunk yet....) see how well you stand up in both situations.

personally i play both electric and acoustic guitars and in the end they are both guitars and are both played the same way (ok theres some tricks like divebombs and the like you can`t do on a acoustic but thats not important)

i reckon that you stick with both and save for a small practice amp
I sold my first electric, and granted I wasn't quite in your position, but I regretted it ever since. I think that you should keep most if not all guitars that you come to own, because having a nice collection is always nice, plus then it'll always be there just in case you ever do come across the line of joining a band or just wanting to shred on an electric vs. an acoustic.
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