If u do buy it, change the pickguard to a white one. My friend did that and it looks sexy
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I myself have not owned an Goth Explorer, only a Gibson '76 but my friend got one and to me it sounds pretty darn good, looks good and looks pretty easyplayed. He bought it years ago and plays it regulary. But you know go check it out if you can, play it, feel it, listen to it. That's the best way to get a feel for it.

I've owned one since 2005, and I think it's a great guitar. The stock pickups are not the best in the world, but they work very fine for me. It's not a typical lead-guitar IMO, but it works fine for that tho. The neck is pretty comfortable, not thin, but feels good in my hands. I use it as my rhythm guitar when I'm recording stuff. It does the job very good for me at least.
thanks and yeah i am probly gonna put a white pickguard on it. maybe even put some vinyl inlays on it too. whats your thoughts on vinyl inlays? if you know anything about them . iknwo im in the wrong section but yeah.
I have one
Seriously cool guitar, sounds amazing and the neck feels beautiful.
Really sturdy too, I dropped it once and theres a tiny chip on the headstock but its not noticeable. That's saying something cos it fell pretty hard
Stick on a pair of straplocks and you have yourself a perfect guitar!
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thanks sanjose thats what i was looking for. the one im looking at is already upgraded with a 57 gibson pickup in the neck and angus signature in the bridge. how would thats sound for like metal/rhythm sound?
No prob! Well, I haven't changed the pickups yet, I've said ever since I got that guitar that I'm going to change 'em as soon as possible, but never done it. I play mainly thrash metal, and I can get a great crunchy metal tone of that axe, similar to the guitar tone you can hear in "Impact Is Imminent" by Exodus, or Metallica 84-91ish.. So you can imagine how it will sound with BETTER pickups.