I bought a Warlock Deluxe there around Christmas last year for about $250. Its normally about $500 and is like new, except for a chip on the headstock when I was walking through a door. It also has the usual belt buckle scratches from the previous owner.

So how much do you think GC would give me if I brought it back?
Obviously Fassa.
you can actually ask for a quote on their website. you just have to find the area to do it. good luck.
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Half of what they'd sell it for is what they'll give you.
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Quote by FloyDZeD
Half of what they'd sell it for is what they'll give you.

or sometimes less. Depends on whos working the counter and all when you bring it in.
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Like they all said, half, or a little more than half, but probably half.
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What the GC in Evansville does is they look up prices on Ebay, find the average going price for the item, then give you half of that. They then turn around and sell it for the average price they found on Ebay.

So...don't take it there.