The most I can pay for an acoustic-Electric is $700 and would like some suggestions... I've looked at Cheaper Taylors and Martins, Seagull's, and Ovations. I'm open to all suggestions with a few exceptions. The most I will spend is $700 (not including tax) and I dont like Fender for acoustic purposes as most people know they dont have a strong acoustic reputation.

suggestions please?
I never recommended this to anyone but i believe Parkwood Hybrids go for around $700 new, but you'd have to do some research to find what companies sell Parkwood Hybrids. Heres a review by Greg Howe


he starts acoustic review around 2:10

otherwise, i recommend http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Takamine-G-Series-EG460SC-NEX-ROSE-Cutaway-AcousticElectric-Guitar?sku=512209

but you should still go to a store and try everything out
check out boulder creek guitars they sell for about 700 new on ebay and i've heard good things about them. And they are pretty unique. I'm saving up for one myself
i'd go with an acoustic electric seagull or yamaha fsx730s if you couldn't find a taylor in your price range. these three brands sound better to me than the tak g series or less expensive ovations.
Nahhh man forget those big names. I am in the Army, and didnt want anything too fancy for an acoustic to dink around on while Im deployed, so I dropped $200 on an Ibanez V series, V70. At home I have an Ovation spoonback, my dad has Takamine guitars growing out of the walls.... And at $200, this blew my mind. Completely amazing especially at the price.

Ibanez isn't very highly regarded as an acoustic manufacturer. Build quality has some issues.
Although I've owned and used an Ibanez acoustic for the last few years, brands like Ibanez and Dean try to make their guitars look really nice to make up for the lack of quality. These two brands best stick to electric guitars.

I don't really like recommending people to certain brands (I only like not recommending certain ones), because it's all opinion, and you should try to actually play a few to see what you like, but with a budget of 700, that's plenty to get yourself a fully solid wood guitar, which is what I think you should definitely try to look for.

Also depends what body shape you want, dreadnaught, folk, or other. Anathetic mentioned Parkwoods, and Parkwood actually belongs to Cort, and Cort makes some very decent and cheap guitars, if you can find them. Check out some of the Epiphone Masterbilt acoustic-electrics. All solid wood and almost all within your price range.