I have an Epiphone Black Beauty and I want to replace the pickups/pots/caps/switch.

I know that I for sure want to put a humbucker sized p-90 in the neck position and I'm on the fence about replacing the middle and bridge pickups with burstbuckers. Any of you guys want to throw out a few suggestions on pickups and maybe like a 5 or 6 way switch?
the only 5 way switch that I know of is a fender style blade switch, which in my religon is a no no to think about combing with a les paul, or any epi/gib. But here is something I thought about. Is a Seymour Duncan 59 PAF in the bridge, middle be a PAF 59 Pearly Gates, and the neck well, I guess a humbucker sized P90 wuld be cool, but I would go with something like a regular humbecker like a SH2 Jazz at the neck, and then for wiring, put the middle pick up wire it to a push pull pot so you can have it on or off, so you can have neck, neck middle, middle bridge, bridge. So the middle is able to be turned on and off. Then you can coild split all 3 of the humbuckers, and then you have all four knobs push pull that would do something, and if you wanted to have it so you just got the middle pick up working, figure out and put a small gold toggle with your knobs, and make it where you flip the switch and it makes just the middle pickup works. Hope this gives you some ideas.
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