Ok, so for the past four years I've pretty much been playing just metal & rock, but now I want to start expanding into other genres, starting with blues, so I've been learning some blues scales, & some 8 & 12 bar walking blues lines. But, I'm not sure what else I should learn, I'm also starting to actually pay some attention to theory & I'm learning that too, becasuse I'm going to college to take music next year (thats the UK version of college, starting ages 16). So to recap, other than Blues Scales, & Walking Blues Lines, what else should I learn to be able to improvise interesting blues lines that I can apply yo my current band situation?

Note: My current band situation is playing in a blusey southern/hard rock band
Also--start building a blues library song wise. Listen to blues and hear how the bass supports every thing else. Concentrate on playing in the pocket and consistent. If you are slightly off in your timing you will throw off the entire band; if you are dead on, you can take a mediocre guitar player and make him sound wonderful.