After one year is done dou you HAVE to pay the $60+ to keep it on your computer? or can just reinstall it or something?

You can keep it on your computer but it wont update anymore, so if new viruses come out it won't be protected
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ok. what do you recommend. i dont think norton is bad. it has protected my computer pretty good, i just dont want to pay all that money
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Norton sucks. Ditch that shit.

Norton does not suck i use 360 and it is awesome
I used 360 for a while (10 minutes), it broke my laptop. So when I got it fixed, I just stayed with the version of Norton that came on it, it also re-newed my 180 day free trial aswell. Norton is great, aslong as you keep it updated and everything.
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AVG free.

Never had any problems, and isn't as memory hog like Norton. Norton is the AIDS of the STD's, AVG is the orgasm.
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i have no helpful advice

If you're gonna pay for something, NOD32.
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How about people actually explain why Norton is bad to the guy. I use Trend Micro and avast, I don't have any experience with it, but you're not helping really by just saying it sucks.
Norton.It sucks, but much better than McAfee
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avast! Antivirus

I've heard good things about AVG too...
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Norton does not suck i use 360 and it is awesome

I work as an IT-tech support trainee at a high school. I've solved many problems with students coming with their laptops, by having them uninstall any type of Norton security application, simply because they block too much, are far too bloated, and is just generally shit.

As far as non-free AVs go, I recommend Nod32. And for free, Avast. Then mix it with AdAware, Spybot 'Search and Destroy' or Super Anti Spyware, if necessary.
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Norton does not suck i use 360 and it is awesome

Wrong. Norton relies on cookies which are easily compromised and doesn't know where to start when it comes to malware.