So I saw Terminator: Salvation a couple days ago. I thought it was pretty damn good....a hell of a lot better than Rise of The Machines. But after thinking about the film, I realized certain things happened in it that brought a very good question to my mind. I'm not sure if this will make much sense, but I'll give it a shot. Going all the way back to the beginning, how did John Connor become the future legend that leads the resistance against the machines if Sarah Connor never told him what was going to happen? This question is refering to the first run through of time. An even better question is if Kyle Reese was never around to tell Sarah what was going to happen and that John was going to be the "savior", would things have turned out differently? Without all the knowledge of terminators he was given as a child, would John Connor still have ended up as the leader of the resistance? Any thoughts on it?
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um... no that movie was complete ****

anyways its just a movie, it depends on how the writers would want it
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And no none it would have happened. If kyle never met sarah john would not be born
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You see; there's two things and a thing. John's thing is taken from the first timeline whereas Kyle comes from the other thing, the one with the guy. The reason Sarah is able to tell John of the future is because she was in the same thing as the other man like John was so he knew the things.



They basically messed up their own timelines.
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He was going to be the leader anyways, with prior knowledge or not. The reason he has the terminators after him in the first place is because he was going to be the leader. He might be a better one now because of the knowledge, but he going to be a leader anyways, or else they wouldn't have sent anybody to kill him

And it shouldn't matter whether or not that Kyle knocked Sarah up or not, it was still her son that was going to be the leader, so John would still exist if Kyle was there or not. Sure, it would've been a different John, but it still would've been John Connor
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Ahh i had a similar question- if sending the terminator back in time causes reece to go and create connor, then surely the future termnators should know to not send a terminator back in time, therefore giving reece no reason to, therefore allowing connor not to be
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Basically, the Terminator franchise takes place in a universe created by Warner Bros, and all events are caused by the theory that they might make money for Warner Bros.
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