i got an acoustic guitar from my grandpa a while ago and i fixed it up and i think it might be worth something.

on the inside it says- Global
musical instrument inc. ltd.
manufactures of
sorento nola bolero sonata
and torino quality guitars
it looks quality because of the sunburst finish and it plays well too. i think it might be around 30 years old.
i havnt figured out how to put a big pic on of the whole thing it limits me to 50kb
Well, first of all could you please upload those pics to something like Imageshack and post them here? Just put the direct image link between tags. No one wants to download your files and unzip them just so they can *maybe* identify your guitar and guess it's value.

Also, if it really is 30 years old and in good condition, it could be worth a decent amount of money - but there's no way of knowing without proper identification.

And a sunburst finish is in no way an indication of quality (before someone else comes in here and says it).

From this link, however, it seems Global mostly made budget copy models, so it might not be worth too much:
That seems to be the "Gibson Dove copy".


It seems to be selling for as little as $25 and as much as $120. Could be a MISP (Musical Instrument Shaped Product), but I'm not so sure.

EDIT: Nevermind, the reviews seem pretty good. Still, you're better off keeping it.
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