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Today something my girlfriend said really made me think.

What would be different in the world if you were aborted?

EDIT: I don't mean every specific detail of what would different. Just take a guess at a few big things that might not have happened if you weren't there to do them.
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You wouldn't be here making this thread.

EDIT: As well as I wouldn't be here posting in this thread. So, that's jsut THAT much more joy lost.
None of my friends would know me.

They'd have had to get someone different to switch on the Lincoln Christmas lights when I was in year 5.
You wouldn't be here, so it would be irrelevant... bloody pointless question
If I'd been aborted, I'd give even less of a crap about the world.
But that's probably the only difference.
I wouldn't have been the mastermind of my secret organization to achieve world domination in 2013.
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as far as I'm concerned its either...

A) there is the small answer where everything would be the same with the exception of your existence.

B) the butterfly effect. this basicily means that your absence will cause a drastic change in the world around you (friends and family) and small effect on the rest of world.
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my neighbors wouldn't be afraid to go outside
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lol ^^

You only know the answer to that question when you grow old. That's the only time you can answer that question.
I wouldn't have been able to warn the Device about 9/11, though they didn't listen..
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it would be less brutal :P

Not necessarily. The 2nd rule of BROOTAL is that as soon as a dead featus is introduced, the BROOTAL goes up to 11.

Anyway, I dunno, but I'd be one of many middle fingers to pro-lifers.
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For me, the 60's ended that day in 1978...

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The world would be a better place.


As for me, very little. I've made virtually no impact on the world, though I suppose my old band wouldn't have had a bassist. Hopefully I can say something different in 20 years time.
I feel sorry for the people who honestly think absolutely nothing would be different in they didn't exist.

For me: A female friend of mine would probably dead of anorexia by now.
Another friend of mine would have a Cocaine addiction
and... My parents would probably be divorced by now.
My parents might not be married, and my dad would be some wacko.
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Interesting question.

If I had one wish I'd want to see what it would be like if I died. I really have no idea.
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You wouldn't be here making this thread.

EDIT: As well as I wouldn't be here posting in this thread. So, that's jsut THAT much more joy lost.

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It doesnt sound like your girlfriend wants you around TS.

Well conversation went like this...
Her: "Well, how do you know you're not aborting the next Einstein?"
Me: "How do you know you're not aborting the next Hitler then, huh?"
Her: "Well, fine. What if your parents had aborted you?"
Me: "I'd be dead. Don't think I'd give a ****."

But then I sat down and thought about it.

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Well it would sure be interesting on a Sunday evening to watch a recap of the events that change if you were never born.

"In recent news, 100s of UG'ers weren't able to enjoy epic lulz because Metaldud536 wasn't born."
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