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20 Years Older
137 72%
10 Years Younger (pedobear)
30 16%
As long as it moves...
23 12%
Voters: 190.
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Okay Pit...

You have a choice- do a woman 20 years older, or a girl 10 years younger.


40 Years Older or 8 years younger?

Seems obvious to me- older. But I have a feeling that this place may not be so... standardised.
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If i did a girl 10 years younger i'd end up in jail...so I'm going for 20 years older
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5 Year old girls?
35. better be hot. >_>
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nice discovery, sir.

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I've seen some pretty hot 40-year olds.

Can't say the same about the other choice.
39 or 9

The answer is obvious

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Well since I'm only a couple months younger than TS im gunna say older
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Pedobear? OMGz, i oltally love 4chon, i get the referense!

I would rather be a little kid again.
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39 or 9

The answer is obvious

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hhmmm, 5 or 35?
I'd go with 35 unfortunately but I accidentally clicked 10 years younger on the poll now the FBI are going to rape me.

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Once I'm 30ish then 10 yrs younger
enjoi yourself

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8 is a bit young so...
Warning: The above post may contain lethal levels of radiation, sharp objects and sexiness.
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Well, I'm 17 so older.

Going younger must be great for tightness, but I'm not willing to risk being imprisoned for a Pit survey.
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pretend its a woman
i have no helpful advice

Wow. This was a stupid idea...

Should made it 40 years older or 8 years younger.
Older chicks have more fun in the sack.
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Pedobear? OMGz, i oltally love 4chon, i get the referense!.

You win the prize.
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20 years older. 10 years older would be 7 years old. I know some of you guys might be into that, but somehow I'm just not that interested.

What are you -3 years old?
If I went 10 years younger, I'd be doin a 3 year old.
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Half your age + 7 = I'd have to be 35 before hooking up with a girl 10 years my junior would be appropriate.
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Wow, I've been here for a while.
9 year olds ftw.

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